Gender Pay Gap Statement 2022

Head Office Address: Oldcastle Road, Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan, A82 N766
Nature of Business:    Meat Processing
Snapshot Date:            30 June 2022

At the snapshot date the Liffey Meats workforce was made up of 26.4% females and 73.6% males.



Proportion who received a bonus in the 12 months preceding the snapshot date – Male 6.2% and Female 6.8%.

The proportion of males and females in each quartile pay band:









Includes all employees whose standard hourly rate places them in the upper quartile




Includes all employees whose standard hourly rate places them above the median but at or below the upper quartile




Includes all employees whose standard hourly rate places them above the lower quartile but at or below the median




Includes all employees whose standard hourly rate places them in the lower quartile



It is worthwhile to note that in our industry it can be challenging to attract those of the female gender as the processing element of the business is not always a suitable working environment. Consequently, only 26% of the workforce is of the female gender predominately due to the nature of the business.


Liffey Meats is an equal pay employer – men and women performing equal work receive equal pay. There is a Mean Pay Gap of 18.1%. This is predominately due to the fact that the most senior positions within the company have been occupied for a considerable period of time by individuals of the male gender who have a specific knowledge of the beef industry. The Median gap of 7.2% can also be attributed to the same reason.


Liffey Meats plans include:

Recruitment & Retention
Liffey Meats has actively developed our interview skills training to reduce any possibility of potential bias. We also seek to be more conscious about hiring females and a broader diversity of talent. We are committed to providing more females with an opportunity to join and progress within the business.

Return to Work Programme
To support those returning from long term leave.

I confirm that the information and data reported is accurate as at the snapshot date of 30th June 2022.

Anthony Lyons:

HR Manager