Our Range Of Products

We deliver a selection of Irish fresh, boneless, vacuum-packed cuts, darfresh packaging & value added products such as beef burgers, meatballs & many more options. Complete traceability along the chain “from Farm to Fork” is guaranteed.

Award-winning steaks

The sizzle as it hits the pan, the aroma as it sears and seals the juiciness inside, the joy of seasoning and finishing a steak just as you or your customer likes it. Whether it’s Angus, Hereford or dry-aged, what can compare to a steak from an Irish grass-fed animal? We select only the best prime cuts for maturation, and carefully cut our portion-controlled steaks as you like them. They can come vac-packed or darfresh, in various sizes, both for retail and food-service. Portion-controlled steaks give a certainty of cost-per-portion and are a perfect solution for minimising loss and maximising yield. We can also pack peppered steaks and steaks with garlic or herb butter.


We love burgers! From our premium 100% Angus beef patties to our delicious flavoured value ranges, we can provide you with the consistent tasty product you need. Select from our range, or let our expertise deliver for your brand. Whether fresh or frozen, small or large, classic or homestyle, talk to us to select or design the product that’s right for your foodservice or retail business.


Fresh and frozen meatballs are a treat and can bring variety to your offering. We can provide meatballs in various sizes or formats and work with market-leading sauce and flavouring experts so you can add a touch of spice to your menu or the range on your shelves. You can also ask us about our reduced-meat or gluten-free options.


It’s hard to beat a traditional roast dinner, and our butchers select the best joints which we mature to perfection before cutting. From the indulgence of a tied roast rib to the convenience and value of a house-keeper’s cut, the traditional aging process guarantees a succulent finished product ideal for sharing with all your family and friends. Various sizes and formats are available, including Angus and Hereford roasts.

Dice, mince and marinated beef

Mono-portion or family pack, extra-lean steak or classic round mince, stir-fry or stewing, we offer a full range of mince and dice options for retail and foodservice.
Embrace a world of flavours with our marinated beef options, from Tex-Mex to Thai chili, spicy siracha to pepper and herb and many more. Match your flavour with our beef medallions, stir fry or a beef cut of your choice.